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Tatiana Furtas gave a solo concert in Cheboksary (Russia), dedicated to the vocal music of French composers

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September 28, 2016 in the Great Hall of the National Library of the Chuvash Republic held a theatrical solo concert of Tatiana Furtas (in two parts), dedicated to the vocal music of French composers. It was the second concert of her creative project “Vocal Music without Borders”. The concert was attended by: Honored Artist of the Chuvash Republic Vladimir Egorov (vocal), Marina Alexandrova (piano), Tatyana Davydova (piano), Marina Razumova (piano).

Tatiana Furtas performed the following works:

Part I

1. J.-F. Ramo Aria Klarina from the opera-ballet "Platea"
2. J.-F. Ramo Aria of Fatima from the opera-ballet "Gallant Indies"
3. Sh. Gounod. Juliet's Waltz from Romeo and Juliet
4. S. Lecoq. Gavotte from the operetta "Daughter of Madame Argo"
5. J. Offenbach. Olympia couplets from the opera "Hoffmann's Tales"

Part II

1. G. Fore. Love song
2. L. Delibe. Spanish song
3. E. Chausson. Lilac time
4. K. Debussy. Shadows (slow waltz) (arranged for voice and piano by S. Matsyushevich)
6. M. Legrand “I will wait for you”, Russian text by A. Voznesensky
8. V. Kilar. Vocalise from the movie "Ninth Gate"
9. F. Lei “The Story of Love”, Russian text by M. Podberezsky
11. K. Morgan. Melody Bimbo (Russian text by M. Podberezsky)