Tatiana Furtas gave a solo concert in Cheboksary (Russia) dedicated to the vocal music of Italian composers

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April 28, 2016 at the Cheboksary Art Theater held a theatrical solo concert (in two parts) of Tatiana Furtas, dedicated to the vocal music of Italian composers. It was the first concert of her creative project “Vocal Music without Borders”. The concert was attended by: Honored Artist of the Chuvash Republic Vladimir Egorov (vocal), Tatiana Davydova (piano), Marina Razumova (piano).

Tatiana Furtas performed the following works:

Part I

1. J. Caccini. Ave Maria
2. A. Vivaldi. Irena Aria from the opera “Bayazet”
3. A. Vivaldi. Aria of the Wanderer from the oratorio "Triumph of Judith"
4. A. Vivaldi. Aria of Farneche from the opera "The Ruler of Rome"
5. G. Donizetti. Lucia's aria from the opera Lucia di Lammermoor
6. G. Donizetti. Cavatina of Norina from the opera Don Pasquale
7. J. Puccini. Aria of Laurette from the opera “Gianni Schicchi”

Part II

1. Music N. Vietti, words by Jacobby, N., Russian text by Samarin “Buy Violets”
2. Music by C.A. Bixio, words by E. Bonagura, Russian text by M. Ulitsky “Sea Song”
3. L. Arditi. Waltz-kiss.
4. Music E. Morrikone from the k / f "Professional", the words of N. Bondarenko "Wind, cry"
5. Music by E. Morricone, the words of the group “D.i.p. Project ", Z. Gippius "For love you can die "
6. Music by E. Morricone, words by N. Bondarenko “Angel voice”
7. Music by E. Morricone, words by N. Bondarenko) “Time takes away sadness” (“Chi mai”) from the movie “Sprut”
8. Music by N. Roth, lyrics by A. Dubravin “Love Song” from the movie “The Godfather”

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