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Tatiana Furtas gave a solo concert in Cheboksary (Russia), dedicated to the vocal music of Eastern European composers.

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December 9, 2017 in the Great Hall of the National Library of the Chuvash Republic held a theatrical solo concert of Tatiana Furtas (in two parts), dedicated to the vocal music of composers of Eastern Europe. It was the fifth concert of her creative project “Vocal Music without Borders”. The concert was attended by: Honored Artist of Russia Yuri Trepov (piano), Honored Artist of the Chuvash Republic Dmitry Syomkin (vocal), Maria Alexandrova (piano), Oksana Trostyanskaya (piano)

Tatiana Furtas performed the following works:

Part I

  1. Dvorak. Songs from the cycle “Gypsy Melodies” (lyrics by A. Heyduk):
  2. I would like to sing love ... (Má piseń zaz mi láskou zní)
  3. Forest enchanted (A les je tichŷ kolem kol)
  4. I remember, mother, happened ... (Když mne stará matka)
  5. Free Gypsy (Široké rukávy)
  6. There is a clear falcon in the sky (Dejte klec jestřábu)
  7. F. Chopin. Nocturne (Op.9 №2). Arrangement for voice with piano S. Stuchevsky (words T. Sikorsky)
  8. F. Chopin. My favorite (Mein Geliebter)
  9. F. Chopin - F. Tosti. Nocturne (Opus post). Arrangement for voice with piano.
  10. F. Liszt. Love, love, as long as it is given to love ... (O Lieb) (f. F. Freiligrath)

Part II

  1. B. Sour cream. Marienka's aria from the opera “Sold Bride”
  2. A. Dvorak. Mermaid Aria from the opera "Mermaid"
  3. F. Lehar. Duet of Hanna and Danilo from the operetta "The Merry Widow"
  4. F. Lehar. Judithta's aria from Judith's operetta
  5. I. Kalman. The output aria of Silva from the operetta "Silva"
  6. I. Kalman. The duet of Silva and Edwin from the operetta "Silva"
  7. I. Kalman. Aria Ninon from the operetta "Violet of Montmartre"