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A joint concert of Tatiana Furtas and Dmitry Syomkin dedicated to the Day of lovers was held in Alatyr (Russia).

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February 16, 2018 in the Alatyr Palace of Culture, a joint concert of Tatiana Furtas and Dmitry Syomkin (in two parts), dedicated to the Day of lovers, was held.

Tatiana Furtas performed the following works:

  1. J. Verdi. Recital from the opera "Traviata" (duet)
  2. I. Strauss. Adelie's couplets from the operetta "The Bat"
  3. J. Puccini. Aria Laurette from the opera “Gianni Schicchi”
  4. L. Arditi. Waltz "Kiss"
  5. F. Lei “The Story of Love”, Russian text by M. Podberezsky
  6. M. Ehrmann “Voice”
  7. Music by F. Sartori, lyrics by L. Quarantoto “Time to Say Good bye” (duet)
  8. V. Kilar. Vocalise from the movie "Ninth Gate"
  9. S. Kuryokhin. Donna Anna's aria from the movie "Mister Designer"
  10. Music by A. Pakhmutova, words by M. Matusovsky “Old Maple” (duet)
  11. Music I. Reznik, lyrics by I. Tsvetkov “Cinderella”
  12. Music by A. Lepin, words by V. Korostylev “Song about a good mood” from k / f "Carnival Night"
  13. Music by A. Tsfasman, lyrics by B. Timofeev “Unsuccessful date” (duet)
  14. I. Dunaevsky. Zazdravnaya.