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Romances and classic songs


  F. Schubert. You are my peace(2016)

F. Schubert. Song Minion (2016)

A. Abaza. Foggy morning (2016)

A. Chausson. Lilac (2016)

N. Shishkin. The night is light (2016)

A. Alyabyev. Nightingale (2017)


Concert Chamber Works

L. Arditi. Waltz kiss (2014)

R. Glier. Concert for voice (part 1) (2015)

L. Delibes Spanish Song (2017)

I. Strauss. Spring Voices (2016)



Arias and duets from operas and operet

Rimsky-Korsakov. Marfa's aria (2018)


A. Toma. Polonaise Filina from the opera “Mignon” (2013)

G. Verdi. Violetta and Alfred's duet
(Un di felice) (2013)

G. Verdi. Violetta and Alfred's duet
(Un di felice) (2013)

A. Vivaldi. Irena's aria from the opera “Bayazet”
(from a concert of Italian music) (2016)

I. Strauss. Adelie's couplets from the operetta
“The Bat” (2016)


Crossover and popular music

E. Morricone "For love one can die"
("gr." D.i.p. Project ", Z. Gippius) (2016)

E. Morricone “Wind, Cry” from the film “Professional”, Russian text by
N. Bondarenko (2016)

E. Morricone “Angel voice” (“Angel voice”), Russian text
N. Bondarenko (2016)

E. Morricone "Chi mai" ("Time takes away sadness")
from the film "Sprut", Russian text by
Natalia Bondarenko (2016)

F. Lei "The Story of Love",
Russian text by M. Podberezsky (2018)

M. Ehrmann Voice (2018)

Mus. F. Sartori, gl. L. Quarantoto “Time to Say Good bye”
(duet) (2018)

V. Kilar. Vocalise from the movie “Ninth Gate” (2018)

Mus. A. Pakhmutova, sl. M. Matusovsky
"The Old Maple" (duet) (2018)

Mus. I. Reznik, cl. I. Tsvetkova
"Cinderella" (2018)

Mus. A. Lepina, words. V. Korostyleva
"Song of good mood"
from the film "Carnival Night" (2018)

Mus. A. Petrova, words. B Ahmadullina
“And finally, I will say” from the movie
“Cruel Romance” (2018)