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Tour in Alatyr: friendship started

pressa 13 06

Theatrical tours have always been not so much a good tradition as a vital necessity of the creative team.

( ... ) The Chuvash Opera and ballet theatre timed the first "tour sortie" for many years to the day of the Republic. The capital's artists came to Alatyr and brought two performances as a gift: the ballet "Juno and Avos" (June 15) and the operetta "Bat" (June 21). ""Juno and Avos" the third season in the theater is held at constant sold - out, and "Bat" - forever young and sparkling, for many viewers is a favorite work.

The reception was warm. It was noticeable that the Alatyr audience missed the high art. On " Bat " in DC gathered people of different ages, came families. (…)

(...) Particularly warm, filled up with flowers, took countrywoman Tatiana Fortes. And the artists, having received a charge of love, performed at a high level and flawlessly-and choir, and soloists, and orchestra. There was a high festival atmosphere. (…)

Эльза Иванова
Елена Кириллова