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Time to step out of the shadows

pressa 9 03

... The festival was opened by the premiere of Mozart's "Le Nozze di Figaro" staged by the Chuvash Opera and ballet theatre. The courage of this choice is obvious, the difficulties that await performers in the production of Mozart are well known.

Speaking about the Cheboksary "Figaro's Wedding", first of all it should be noted the work of the conductor. M. Adamovich managed to combine a filigree study of the score with purely theatrical contrasts and dynamics of stage action. In work with vocalists he achieved if not an unconditional victory, then correct and stylistically acceptable singing in any case. The result is all the more valuable that the performers of the premiere were young Chuvash singers. (…)

... Well give both the heroine Valentina Smirnova (Rosina) and Tatiana Fortes (Suzanne). (…)