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The Opera festival opened with a premiere

pressa 4 02

Comic Opera "the wedding of Figaro" opened the day before yesterday in Cheboksary 12th international Opera festival dedicated to our outstanding countryman people's artist of the USSR, the famous bass Maxim Dormidontovich Mikhailov…

... Mozart requires a certain professionalism, subtle flair and good musical taste. (Although this is not the first production on the stage of our theater of the Austrian composer. In the 1980s was his Opera "the Abduction from the Seraglio"). The orchestra conducted By M. Adamovich coped with the task perfectly. The audience felt the amazing sound of "Opera" Mozart-light, elegant. Music definitely talked about the characters, creating their portraits. But from the musicians themselves needed double mastery not only of vocal, still had facial expressions, graceful movements to convey the comic action. The theater made a bid for creative and talented young people – and not lost. This is the undoubted merit of the Director-Director Karatygin.

It was hard to believe That for T. Furtas in the role of Susanna - this is the first appearance on the big stage. The naughty maid shows all the features of her character: she is crafty, then sincere; then tender and faithful, then insanely jealous, but always resourceful and inventive. She believes, she empathizes with the audience…

... Mozart's" second coming " to the Chuvash stage, which coincided with the Mikhailovsky festival, can be considered successful. "The wedding of Figaro" promises to be a box office performance. Our artists prove that talents have not been transferred to the Chuvash land.

M. Latysheva