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Bread - the first Shrine

pressa 11 04

In its scope, grandeur and significance, the celebration of the 70th anniversary of the open joint stock company "Khleb" has become, perhaps, one of the most noticeable and memorable events in the life of our Republic this year.

( ... ) Signature song

Birthday-whether it is a birthday of the kid or serious anniversary – is an occasion not only for gifts and beautiful flowers, but also for songs which are accepted to devote to the hero of the occasion.

(…) Good tradition. And on the stage there was a beautiful couple-soloists of the Chuvash state Opera and ballet theater Tatyana Furtas and Anatoly Ilyin. But from the first chords of the melody poured from the speakers it became clear that something new sounds. It was a song composed especially for this holiday, a song-anthem about the workers of the bakery-hero of the day, dedicated to all employees of the open joint stock company "Bread".

( ... ) Any art worker will say that the most pleasant thing in their profession is the recognition of the viewer. Song about the first bread the celebrant liked sitting in the room that everyone... got up. And friendly applause under the chorus reached the volume of the melody.

... Already behind the scenes, the correspondent of the " Republic "could not resist a conversation with the performers of"Songs about the bakery." The winner of the Republican competitions (she is also a teacher of the Chuvash state pedagogical University in solo singing) Tatyana Furtas told with what excitement she went on stage.

- Business not only that the hall was full – here just to it I got used long ago, - she told in conversation with the journalist. -I have a special attitude to the workers of this enterprise, I respect and love these products that come out from behind the walls of this bakery. After work, make a small hook in a few trolley stops to go to a corporate store of JSC "Bread": near my home, unfortunately, there is no... Take to dinner, some cake and a loaf, and sometimes even two! For me, the products of this enterprise are the best delicacy. And figure not afraid to ruin. First, I work a lot, and secondly, it seems to me that really good and healthy bread can not spoil it. So the love for these people-bakers, confectioners, who are able to do such everyday miracles, originated in me long ago. And so, when I was approached with an offer to join with this song, I accepted it with pleasure. We learned the song quickly ... today we performed It on the rise and from the heart and saw such a warm return... it was very, very nice! (…)

Olga Krylova